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Please note: The Birthday Club Personal Information Manager (BETA) is a work in progress. All functions are not active. Please feel free to use this to collect important dates to be reminded of. I add functionality sometimes by the hour as the primary shell comes together. Visit Often!

This page was last updated: 15 Oct 2002 13:55 -0700

Release Notes

Ver Date Where we are
.030 18-NOV-1998 Added and activated Club Member listing to allow you to view other members birthdays. Completed perpetual holiday code to show fluctuating Holiday dates for any month/year combination. Added "Today is" marker in event listing to add visual marker to where you are in relationship to today's dates and coming events. Completed testing of notification code and message format. Put on 'auto pilot' to check databases and send out notices in the early morning instead of 'during the day sometime when I think about it....' Got our first BETA tester (my sister!:-) Thanks Laura. More welcome!
.010 13-NOV-1998 Revised code to allow advance notification of events. You now can receive notification up to two weeks in advance of the event. I like that. Finished perpetual calendar functions that allow you to jump to any month (a few years either way) and determine the age of the event that year. I'll be 54 in 2010! Added divider bars for viewing multiple months. Increased event display to include the current month plus 2 (to look into the future a bit.) Some code cleanup and optimizing. Finished code that makes mailing notifications possible and active. Manual process for a few days to watch it before committing it to "auto pilot".. Added month dividers to event edit screen. May have squashed event age calculation in all displays.
.003 29-OCT-1998 Addition of release notes and to do list to this page
.003 28-OCT-1998 Found and corrected bug that prevented new users from actually signing on!:-| <opps>
.002 25-OCT-1998 Public links made available on main web site - Web surfers that stumble onto the service are welcome to play, use, and comment on.
.000 20-SEP-1998 After missing yet another important life event because all of my calendars are in different places!?#%$@!? I decided to develop this interface to allow me to have one place on the web to store personal information. I am developing the code to be secure..(I don't want anyone in "MY STUFF") and thought I would share the server space and bandwidth with others whom might have the same problem I do. Remembering STUFF.

To Do List - (Current work in process shown in red) [Done in gray]
Clean up event age calculation in event edit screen. Add month dividers to ease finding events to edit
Complete perpetual Calendar routines so event age calculations follow month and year picked. Fix bug in prior years calculation...
Add "days in advance notification" to events - Complete mail notification module for both normal happy birthday wishes to members, along with member event mailings (currently NO notification is active even though the databases are storing your preferences on this)
Add member "list" and "mailto" functions.
Add member profile edit {and functions to hot button for next portal, and preference to include/exclude holidays and member birthdays in event listings}
Finish holiday list routine to include holidays that fluctuate from year to year
Create help screens to aid members in using interface
Create member link page to store and display favorite links plus a main menu 'hot link' to member's favorite "portal"
Create databases and links to events, to attach related information such as an email address, phone number, postal address, general notes for the person/party that event is related to. Add separate listings to work with these entries independently from events.