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Welcome to the Personal Information Manager & Birthday Club!

If you decide to join, here is what you can expect:

You get to use a pretty nifty perpetual calendar and let the computer do some math for you regarding the age of any given event.

Your birthday will be displayed to other members with or without your age (at your discretion.)

(not active) Other members can send you a birthday wish *anonymously* if you make that option active.

Your e-mail address will be held in strictest confidence.

Until we grow a little... you may only receive one birthday wish and that will be from the caretaker of the club!:-).

Other than the obligatory birth date... you can add as many annual events as you want!

Optionally, we will send you an e-mail reminder for any event or date you choose.

Here's how it  works!

  1. Fill out the form below and each form that follows. There are only a few form pages to follow that will ask for a MINIMUM amount of information - All held in strictest confidence.
  2. Completing the last form page will generate an e-mail, sent to the address that you give us during your registration.
  3. In that mailing we will send you the information needed to log in and participate. (It *should* be right away)
  4. Come back to the site and verify yourself, so we know that it is ok for you to send things to others... and that the e-mail address works, so others can send birthday wishes to you anonymously and you can start adding your events.
  5. Have some FUN!

This is a G rated site.

Do NOT use any handle or name that might be offensive to the general viewing public.
Play nice or don't play at all.


To join the club, START HERE!! :-)

Pick a Handle you would like to go by..

Your name or nickname:
Children are asked to get permission
before joining this club!

(See our privacy policy)

This service is provided free of charge.

There are banner advertisements which are mostly used to promote the site. Not make money.

Like everything else at AHandyman, it is just a hobby that we like to share.

The birthday club was developed simply for us to keep track of our important dates and to have some fun.