Privacy Statement for AHandyman

Productive Connection has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for all of the sites at

We use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer our Web sites. We use cookies to deliver content, specific to your preferences and save you time in filling out repetitive forms.

Our site registration forms requires users to give us contact information (like their name and email address). The visitor's contact information is used only by the administrators of this site to contact the visitor when necessary or as requested by that visitor. They are not shared with, or sold, to any other entity.

These policies only apply to sites with the AHandyman family. Links to external sites may or may not have privacy policies.


While we see no know reason why any child could not participate in any of the activities within the AHandyman sites, it is our commitment to at least ask that any child using our services seek out parental permission.

There is nothing to prevent a child from using our forms and giving this site personal information, but we do take great care to prevent any information shared by a  child (or adult) from being displayed and/or placed within public view without specific or implied permission from that visitor.

Specific Usage's


A Helping Hand - Ask a Handyman

Cookies are used at A Helping Hand - Ask a Handyman to store user specific preferences and visitor information to pre-fill forms to save time for that visitor.

The interface works equally well without cookies and you are not required to accept any cookie to use this service.

Your e-mail address is saved with your question so that you can be notified when there is an answer to your question. There are also options for you to subscribe to receive notification when ANY message is posted. Your e-mail address is stored out of reach of web users and robots.

AHandyman Mailing list

is a mailing list to keep visitors updated on our progress and feature enhancements. The visitor provides an e-mail address only.

That address request is sent directly to our pop server where the addresses are stored out of reach of web users and robots. This is the only use of the visitor's e-mail address. It is not shared with or sold to any other entity.

Guest Book Entries

Forms for different guest books are located throughout the sites at AHandyman. The information collected is immediately available for public display. The default form settings allow the users to hide their e-mail address from public view and to prevent unwanted SPAM mail generated by those who would use robot software to obtain addresses. When this option is used the e-mail address is stored, out of public reach, for web site administrative contact only. The addresses are not shared with or sold to any other entity.

Once the entry is saved and displayed, you must contact the administrator to make any corrections or to remove this entry to this public forum.

Picture Postcard Central

collects e-mail addresses, names, and private messages from the sender of a web based electronic postcard. This information is never public, and is stored out of public reach for the explicit purpose of notifying the intended receiver of the message stored by the sender of the postcard. The e-mail addresses are not shared with or sold to any other entity, but may be used for AHandyman web site administrative functions. This is a free service and open to the general public.

Because there is potential for abuse, where a party would send unwanted mail through this interface, an additional safeguard has been put in place.

Anyone that has received unwanted mail (or would like to prevent the possibility of receiving mail from the site) may prevent further mailings (excluding any newsletter that may have been explicitly requested) by adding that e-mail address to our EXCLUDE List.

We have not seen massive abuse of this service. In the first 3 months, where we provided the exclude feature, only one person has used this feature with several hundred postcards sent.

The addresses are stored out of public reach. This list is checked each time a user attempts to send anything from this site. When an e-mail address is found in this list, the visitor attempting to send something is informed that the action can not be completed, because mail to that address is blocked from this site. The only way to be removed from this listing is to contact the administrator

Birthday Club - Personal Information Manager

The information collected to join the club and the information stored within the password protected interface of the club is stored out of public reach and is not shared or sold to any other party or entity.

The only two requirements for membership and use of the Personal Information Manager is that:

  1. you allow this web site to publicly display your user handle, birth month, and birth day of month to other members who have provided like information and
  2. you agree to receive one e-mail, per year, from administrators of the web site, to wish you a happy birthday.

You have the option of making additional personal information available to other members. All other information is stored and used for the explicit purpose of helping you keep track of important dates and to notify you by e-mail if you choose that option.

Forms are provided to change/delete event information. Base membership information must be changed or removed by the administrator.

Contacting the Web Site

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you can contact
Don Shanks
Productive Connection
4307 Gander Way
McGuire AFB, NJ 08641
Phone: (609) 521-1471
Fax: (609) 521-1473