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Please note the following:

  • You can upload a file OR use your own pictures already on the web (see below).

  • File size must be less than 50,000 bytes
    (you could waste some time here since the only way we know the files size... is to check it AFTER you upload it.)

  • Make sure the file is one that a standard browser can view. The only option available here are .gif and .jpg files.
    filename.jpg or
    (We don't do any conversion here. It must be browsable before it is uploaded.)

Click the browse button to look for the file (if the browse button appears and your browser is capable)

When you find the file from your local drive and pick it... the file name will appear above.

THEN click

Only click the button it once!
It will take a bit of time depending on the files size and your modem speed.

When we get the file you will be transported to the next step.


If you already have your graphic on the web somewhere... you can just use the URL in the form below. This option allows you to leave the postcard for longer than 5 days and lets you attach a URL for a link to the site of your choice!

Please note:

  • If you don't get a preview of the picture you are expecting, you will need to use your 'BACK' button to correct the URL.

Picture URL:

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