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ringsm.gif (3028 bytes) Net Rings are relatively simple in concept. RingSurf (in this case) keeps track of all the sites within the ring. You place some HTML code (provided) within the page that is pointed to in the ring database. Surfers can then travel from one site to the next, or pick from a list of sites, all within the area of interest. In this case... web or virtual postcards.

All sites that offer web postcards or listings of web postcards sites are welcome to join unless you are offering or have links to adult material.

If you choose to join this net ring, be sure you fill out the form correctly the first time so we can put you on line right away. You can view the ring statistics here

Just below find a working examle of what will appear on your page once the HTML code is inserted. I have kept the graphic small and the code simple for quick loading. If you need any help or have questions.. please feel free to contact me!:-)

Net Ring Member Sites

If your website is a member the of RingSurf the Postcard Sites, you may login below to edit your site's information such as Title, URL, Description, Contact, EMail, etc.

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