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Become a Featured Guest!

Picture Postcard Central was created as a personal learning experience and is *not* for profit.

This site features pictures and images that belong to myself and other web sites(featured guests).

Maybe YOU'RE site could benifit. Sample images from your site can be featured here in a format that our web visitors can easily share with their friends.

Our visitors will see images they might not have found otherwise, and your site will receive additional traffic from visitors when they see something that they find of interest.

What's in it for me?

More traffic. The better my card selection, the more traffic I receive and enjoy.  Maybe someone other than me will actually see something that I created. It's as simple as that.

What is in it for YOU?

  • I will act as a mirror site for some of your creative outlet images.
  • More people will see your work.
  • You will have a postcard rack of your own (linked to Picture Postcard Central) where 6-12 of your images will be featured along with links and credit to your site.
  • If you choose (and you have or make up a 468x60 pixel banner) I will add that banner to the banner rotation that is seen on over 300 pages locally.


What's the fine print?

  • If it is something that I wouldn't share with my Jr. High School children's class, I won't feature it.
  • There does need to be 'some' theme that ties those 6-8 images together. (What would the banner/title for your postcard rack be?)
  • I don't have to 'like' your site or your images.. I just have to believe it will generate traffic for both of us.
  • The images and thumbnails to the images will be housed here and formatted, with your input considered, to 'fit in' with the local and other featured sites. (If my server is up, and Picture Postcard Central is operational, I want to be sure the images are available too.)
  • My decisions are final... (and I simply don't enjoy arguing all that much. I'm sure there are debate sites available for your enjoyment).
  • If your not having any fun.. try something else. Life is too short!

What do you need to do to be considered?

Just send me an e-mail me at don@ahandyman.com (or send me a postcard:-) with your URL, how you think we can help each other, and any comments or requests so I can look over some of your work!

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