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On 10/28/2003, 8:56 PM Mahtab Ali visited
Nice !
I want exchange mint and used stamps from your country,Birds, SCOUTs on stamp, and Odd shape. phone cards, I shall give you Pakistanís stamps equal value or quantity.

On 7/3/2003, 12:42 AM Andy visited
Enjoyed travelling with you. Was in Germany (Herzogenaurach for 1000th year anniversary)
and enjoyed it immensely.

On 5/22/2003, 1:34 PM Emily visited
Hey! Everyone. I miss you all SOOOOO much. Got bored and said, HEY WHY NOT??? well, enjoyed seeing everyone having fun. Summer is almost here!
love, Em (mom, dad, mike and carole all say hi too!)

On 5/8/2003, 4:07 PM liz visited
I enjoyed your pictures of the sequoia trees and wonder if that was in Wuestenrot, birthplace of my parents and ancestors? I remember visiting the redwoods there when I was 13.

On 4/28/2003, 11:46 AM Jennie visited
New pics! New pics! New pics!!!!!

On 4/26/2003, 1:31 AM idi colon visited

On 4/18/2003, 11:39 PM David Newman visited Please Visit David Newman at
David on the web
Hi Jen and family,

I'm a cousin from the Talmage side (Barbara Talmage Griffin's grandson), and have been in touch with your mother Jane in the past about genealogy. (And stamps...) I've been having a resurgence of interest lately in exploring genealogy, and was lucky enough to come across your web pages. So nice to see pictures to connect with all these names!

Some of my recent discoveries that apply to you too:

1) has a video clip of George Edwin Talmage leading Teddy Roosevelt's casket out of Christ Church and up the hill for burial. (They spell his name Talmadge).

2) we appear to be related to George W. Bush (9th cousin to me, Kathy, Alex and Melodie)

3) we appear to be related to Princes William and Harry! (7th cousin to my generation of GET descendants as well.)

Hope you're all well!

On 4/9/2003, 11:18 AM Ken visited
Jen, Don, (and everyone else!), nice work on your website, especially all the terrific photos of your beautiful family. Christine and I miss you guys, and wish we could've stayed in Germany longer to spend more time with you. But alas, 'tis the military life...

On 3/27/2003, 11:21 AM Jen visited
I like Wen's suggestion (below)!! Pwitty pweese? It isn't like you have anything ELSE to do! ;-)

On 2/22/2003, 10:28 AM Wen visited
Hi Don,

Maybe you could add a "what's new" tab for folks like me who can't read the photos attached to emails coming from your home server and who get lost in the website.... <shrug> :-)

On 1/22/2003, 7:02 AM Tim Ragsdale visited Please Visit Tim Ragsdale at
Your site is amazing. It takes a lot of work to put one of these together and you've really pulled it off. Hugs to the family, enjoy your remaining time in Europe, and enjoy the transition back to the States. -Rags

On 1/18/2003, 1:27 AM David McDermott visited Please Visit David McDermott at
Dave & Corby's Adventures
Great pictures of your adventures in Europe. We have been here since August 2002 and have loved every minute of it. I just wish that it would get warmer so that we can ride our motorcycle.

On 1/9/2003, 5:04 AM Sheri-mom visited Please Visit Sheri-mom at
Sheri's Place
Hi there!! Thought I would finally get around to signing this! Would love to see pics of Christmas.. especially since this was only the 2nd time since you've been there that I got Christmas to you in time.. (guess the first time don't count since I was there!)

On 12/26/2002, 9:10 AM Amy visited
When are you going to get the Christmas pictures up!! Mom wants to see us opening our presents from her!! I love you dad!

On 10/21/2002, 12:17 AM Evan and Gabriele visited
Hey there neighbors(old)--We really loved seeing all the pictures! Especially the children--they are growing up! Looks like your having fun over there- when do you come back to the states? Take care- The Cooper's

On 10/17/2002, 9:40 AM Carole visited
Don, Jen, Amy, Adam, Kathy, Alex, and of course last but not least Mel-Mel.... I miss you all and i wish i could have had a peice of that yummy looking pie!!!
Carole Vance

On 10/15/2002, 6:40 PM Bruce Robbins visited
Hey Don, great website. I loved the pictures, but miss some of the early ones with you and me. Oh well, must keep up with the new ones. Hope to see you soon.

On 9/19/2002, 10:58 PM kirsty visited
yehits good

On 7/17/2002, 2:16 PM Bill visited
Great pictures of Patersbach!

On 2/19/2002, 9:20 AM Richard visited
Hey. Just surfing the net and decided to drop in. All your pics bring back good memories.

On 2/17/2002, 1:08 AM Roland Shanks visited
Just browsing around looking up the family name. Don't have any known ancestors in Germany, but our "tree" is at for anyone interested.

On 12/29/2001, 6:39 AM Lou visited
Don, you really have done a great job on this web site. Maybe one day Judy will set one up for Foxmead. Now that would be interesting.


On 12/16/2001, 5:08 PM Bruce Robbins visited
Hi, I finally found your site again. I hope you get my email soon. Have a great holiday season.

On 11/29/2001, 1:15 AM Nick visited
I found your site via a search for pictures of castles for me to put as my wallpaper. Unfortunately I didn't find a picture that I would have liked to use as a wallpaper, but what I did find were some excellent pictures of the St. Louis skyline from the Arch. Being from the St. Louis area, I particularly liked the pictues you got from the Arch. A helpful hint from a long time local for next time, you can get some good pictures of the Arch if you drive over into Illinios and take them from the other side of the river. If you don't want to go that far take a walk about 5 blocks or so to the old Courthouse and take some from there. They will turn out nicely if the weather is permitting

On 9/4/2001, 5:20 PM lindys computer visited
oop's forgot the last /. Hope the "favorites" saves it good'er

On 8/10/2001, 6:10 AM Tim Tolosa visited Please Visit Tim Tolosa at
Tim and Linda 2001
Wow! You haven't aged a bit in 15 years! Congrats on your promotion, Jennie!

On 5/4/2001, 1:14 AM Jennie visited
We need a new favorite picture of the month! Spring is in full bloom and we have a winter shot up. GET TO WORK!! ;-)

On 3/24/2001, 4:32 PM Lisa Hash visited
I had the pleasure of living in Landstuhl for many years while serving. I thoroughly enjoyed taking a trip back through your site. PLease let me know if you put up any new pictures of Germany. The captions were adorable.

On 3/20/2001, 7:32 AM carole vance visited
Hey Shanks Family I love the pictures do have any from when Sheri-Mommy was there??? I miss you all so much can't wait to see you guys again
Love from "The States"
Carole Vance

On 3/5/2001, 5:02 AM Jennie visited
Thanks for updating the site with new pics. Looks like you have a few comments to review too! How DO you keep up?!

On 3/3/2001, 2:03 PM Emily Vance visited
Hi guys its me I just wanted to say Hi and that imiss you so hi and I miss you.

On 2/2/2001, 5:16 AM denise visited
hi there!
this is super-duper work!! enjoyed the pics!
chat to yer sooon!!!

On 1/14/2001, 9:08 AM Kristina Lecklider visited
I miss u Amy. That's a good pic.

On 1/7/2001, 7:22 PM Jim Wicker visited Please Visit Jim Wicker at
You guys know any Led Zeppelin?

On 1/6/2001, 6:28 AM David, Vira & Bogdan visited
I brought my family to visit my other family.

On 12/16/2000, 7:48 AM mike visited
hey guys it mike
just sayin hi and happy holidays we got the christmas acrd and it was good

On 10/4/2000, 10:20 AM Amy visited
Hi, dad. When are you going to put more pics up. I know we have taken some more. Are you going to put up some summer ones from the states. Anyways. I love the rest of the site. Love you!!


On 10/2/2000, 9:46 AM Mr. G visited Please Visit Mr. G at
You guys are looking good and I am glad you are enjoying yourselves. Write more often. ciao G

On 7/25/2000, 1:32 AM Jen visited
WOW! More pictures! Thank you! Do you not make the guest book entries public anymore?

On 7/23/2000, 1:48 AM jen visited
Hi! We need more pictures! :-)

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