Attempt to burp the sleeping baby and put down in baby seat. Put uneaten 6 oz of formula back in fridge... worry about spoilage.

Head for garage to get frozen vegetables.

Referee a fist fight between other siblings on the way, hear the overused phrase, "That's not FAIR!!". Forget where you where going.

Return to kitchen and pick up crying baby who has now decided she wants the rest of the formula.

Reheat cooled formula... Baby takes another ounce of formula before going back into a deep slumber and refusing to burp. Put baby down in seat again.

Baby instantly wakes with a cry.

Let baby cry for a moment while running to basement to transfer laundry to dryer.

Return to kitchen. Pick up crying baby to move to baby swing; discover that baby is stinky.

Change baby. Clothes are dirty too. Change clothes.  Clean baby clothes are in the dryer... so wrap baby in dirty blanket. Can't find pacifier.

Bring baby back downstairs and put in swing. Baby is hungry again and explodes instantly. Dump out old cooled and probably spoiled formula. Wash bottle and go to fridge for more to refill bottle.

Need to mix new batch of formula. Baby is in hysterics, kids are squabbling. Bigger kid won't give back littler kid's football. Wrestling match ensues. Baby screams. Big kid Kate gets spanking and sent to room. Littler kid Alex now having trouble with Lego sculpture and wines incessantly. Mom pulls out fistful of hair.

Boil water for formula. Baby sounds like a sheep and is turning maroon with anger. Child calls from top of stairs, "Can I come out of my room now?"

Go to garage for vegetables and return to kitchen with them.


Mom! Can you come out and throw a football around with me?

Can't right now... I'm trying to make supper. Kate! Put those donuts away and don't eat before supper.

But I'm starving Mom!!

Alex says, "But you NEVER play ball with me Mom!"

Baby formula is ready to feed. Baby is asleep again so put the warm formula back in the fridge.

Mom says, "Did you do your homework?"

In unison, children say, "What homework?"

Baby is quiet. Alex disappears.

Mom says, "Now where did I put those vegetables?"

"Alex is playing with them in the sandbox." Kate offers.

"Kate, What are you doing out of your room? Go back to your room."

Head for the garage again for more vegetables.

Call Kate to clear coloring books and stencils from table and crayons and glue from the floor. "Mom! I was using those!" Kate calls from the other room where she's eating popcorn.

"Kate, Please don't shout, the baby is sleeping."

Baby screams... time to speed up the baby swing. Baby turns on the sheep sounds again. Turn off swing. Move baby to lie on blanket. Baby balances head on face and makes suffocating sounds. Mom tries to turn head to side but head is stuck face down. Turn baby on back, formula curds well out of mouth and run down into neck creases and onto dirty blanket. Baby coughs and does choking act.

Are those clothes dry yet? Run to check dryer. Forgot to push start button. Clothes still soaking wet.

Where are those vegetables? Baby is quiet.

A voice shouts from beside baby on blanket, "Is supper ready yet? I'm starving!"



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