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I'd like to know what you think about my web site. Please leave your comments in this public guest book so I can share your thoughts with other visitors.

On 4/10/2003, 6:00 PM Thelma visited
Nice Site.

On 11/3/2001, 3:24 PM Holly visited Please Visit Holly at

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On 5/28/2001, 7:07 PM Mike Widdop visited
looking for single woman 35-52 sincere long term

On 1/31/99, 11:37 AM roel holkema visited Please Visit roel holkema at
Almost all about Roel Holkema
Greetings from the Netherlands.
Nice site,I discovered your site at my submission to the webring "men who like women".

On 1/21/99, 6:07 PM glen glenn visited
You have a great website. And you sound like a wonderful mom.

On 1/14/99, 6:41 AM Mary visited
loved the supper story, it was like somebody was peeking in my windows!! I will check back often to see if you have my life on this page again!!

On 1/7/99, 10:37 PM Kim Holderby visited
Miss you bunches and I'm glad you're happy; I'm really happy that you and Don found each other.
I love your web page, especially the Supper one. Keep in touch.

On 1/7/99, 1:21 AM Stef visited
I love your page, Jen. It makes me really miss being there at dinner time, helping feed Mel, listening to the chaos, dodging tossed toys, trying not to trip over stuff...Ah...maybe not.

On 25 Oct 1998, 12:30:24 Judy visited
JenJenJenJenJenJenJen :-) I love it!!!! I love that I don't have to store and organize and fill up and find space for a photo album!!! This is sooooooooo much nicer and so much more convenient!!!!

On 21 Oct 1998, 07:31:17 Beth Sholler visited
WOW! I'm really impressed! You guys really put a lot of work in this web site. When was that pic taken of you up there? It looks like the old house.

On 4 Oct 1998, 16:13:28 IVSET visited
it is hysterical, sitcom material. Jerry Sinfield watch out!

On 20 Aug 1998, 15:11:35 Christie visited Please Visit Christie at
Hi! Please visit my site! Thanks!!!

On 13 Aug 1998, 19:51:46 Beth visited
Hi Jennie, Thanks for visiting my site, glad to have charmed you into leaving your name. You are one amazing woman! Just reading your making supper page was enough to make me ready for a nap. Good Luck in everything you do girl. Cranky, of The Hotflash Hotel

On 4/23/98, 8:25:04 AM Amy visited
lovedit. Hi mummy!!!!!!!!Loved your dinner time story!

On 25 Nov 1997, 08:52:53 Bratwe visited
Hi !!

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