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" there's no need for turning back,
For all roads lead to where we stand.
And I believe we'll walk them all,
No matter what we may have planned"

NOW, if I just read really, REALLY FAST I can finish this article before I start the typical dinner routine.

Hi, and Welcome to Jennie and Company.

Jennie and Company is a site devoted to telling a bit about what it is like to be passing through life and some of the more interesting tidbits of that life.

Please consider this a work in progress... much like life itself.

Why Jennie and Company?

I short, my current life includes an eight year old girl, a seven year old boy, a three month old baby, and a special friend that helps a lot when he can. I suppose the 'company' comes in when you add my friend's 13 year old girl and 12 year old boy.

Daily routines are interesting to say the least, but we have to most fun when we go out in public and as a collective group. It is quite the stair step family look, and it isn't often that you see a 'family' of seven.

As the site grows you will find different aspects of my life presented. Please feel free to visit and share in my life. Send me a note if you have the time and say Hi.

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