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Have you ever wondered why it is that you can never find a handyman when you need one?

There are just some times that you need some advice, but don't know who to call or where to turn. You can always hope that PBS will have a special on that will cover exactly the subject that you are interested in. You COULD watch Home Improvement but just listen to Al... Tim might get you into trouble!

If not... You can ask your question here. I don't charge anything. It couldn't hurt! So if you like.. Leave a question for me and the others who visit here in an open discussion format.

Ask A Handyman

is the new and improved version of the old message board. Please let us know what you think after a visit. We will maintain the old board for only a short time longer, so if you are asking a question... be sure to use the above links.

A Handyman Helping Hand Message Board has been replaced with a faster design at Ask A Handyman. Please post any handyman questions you might have there. The old messages board remains here because the answers to questions posted here might help to solve the challenge you face today.
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A Handyman is good to find by Don Shanks
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