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It was a long winter in 1995 and I was out of ideas for a Christmas present. I was thinking about it way in advance (for me.. that's November.) Finally I came up with the idea of a photo that showed some of my attributes without having something that the kids couldn't look at.

I hadn't posed for a portrait since I was very young and found myself feeling a little out of place in just a swim suit as the photographers went to work. By the time it was finished I was feeling much better, but I realized later how really average I am. 

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  Original Photo Thumbnail Don Tool
Thumbnail Magazine The Finished product Table of Contents 

Anyway, after the photo's came back (and I noted that it wasn't really swimsuit issue material), it didn't seem like much of a gift.

Off to the desktop publisher I went and spent several hours making an overlay on a transparency to create the illusion of a magazine cover. The effect is a little hard to see in the scan above, but the actual product looked more like a gift then the framed photo or the poster size that was made up.

The gift didn't go over that great, but it was great fun and an interesting experience. I Hope you found some pleasure in it also.


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