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SnaPsHot gaLLeRy from the 70's

Sunset at Creve Couer

Each small photo (or thumbnail) on this page is 'linked' to a larger version. Clicking on the small photo will 'hyperlink' you to the full size.

Just a sample of some of my early work. This photo was taken after a long afternoon of working with two models. When I set up a gallery of my work, I will move this there. For now I needed to share why this photo is special to me.

Last weekend I attended the funeral of my Uncle Louie. Many years ago, before I was married, I shared an apartment with a very good friend. Bruce and I lived just a few miles from my Uncle and his wife.

Bruce and I shared a love of photography with my Uncle. On one visit, after just getting new cameras, Louie saw our desire to learn and proceeded to the refrigerator to get a case of film for us to start with.

That wasn't very much film for him. He spent a good deal of his life capturing God's creations. One of his favorites subject matters was a sunset at the lake in the picture above. Here is an interesting one of the St. Louis Arch.

St. Louis Arch

We proceeded to burn that film and run to his house with the development of each roll for his advise and praise. He truly fostered one of the few hobbies that has given me such pleasure.

Don at 20 somethingFor that, I am ever grateful. For myself, his dear wife, his family, Bruce, and a host of individuals that he touched throughout his life, I can assure you that he will be missed. This photo was taken during that time of my life. It's really sad to lose a good friend and mentor.


These are some photographs of my ex-wife and the mother of my children. This is one of a series of shots taken with some of the film that Uncle Louie donated to the cause. This was taken at Wilson Park in Granite City. Maybe someday I'll put the whole bunch on a page of their own.

Wilson Park

This is in the apartment that Bruce and I shared. It was a powerfully decorated abode. Lines and arrows on the walls pointing to designated rooms and the walls full of almost anything that we found on the street or in an attic. Those were special times.

Head Shot



Bruce's DonThere's a determined sole. The page wouldn't be complete without some of Bruce's works. The B&W photos were taken in Thorntown, Indiana. Bruce captured me in front of the truck that took me to Indiana, just after Sheri and I were married. I did HVAC/Refrigeration and equipment repair for Ponderosa Steakhouses. Note the large bell bottoms on the pants. I need not point out these ARE period pics.

Bruce's BJ Bruce's BJ 2

It's BJ or "BIG JAWS". One of our Indiana companions. If I'm not mistaken the three pictures above were part of Bruce's ongoing education. They were for a class where he did the snapping and darkroom stuff. I never got to the darkroom, but I think that Uncle Louie would have been proud of Bruce as he grew in his photographic skills.

Bruce's Wedding

Bruce will have to refresh me on where this was taken. I'm pretty sure it was at a wedding. Bottom line is I don't dress up very often and it's part of the few pics of Bruce's work that I have. Bruce was then and continues to be one of my few soul mates. Many miles have separated us for many years, but we will always be there for each other. I know he shares in my sadness at this time in my life.


Well sure the composure and lighting is bad, but what do you want for a tripod timer shot that was taken while I was distracted by young love.....

Hot Tub




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