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A day at the pond

It had been a long dry fall. One that caused the pond to dry up completely. The pond had a nice drive in entry and a dandy little 'climb out' on the other side. I had made it a habit about once a week to drive into the dry pond and up and out the other side. It has been great fun.

But not so much fun as the day that I took 5 kids and mom through after a couple of weeks of rain. I drove in like always... 2 wheel drive, street tires and sank up to the door bottoms. Since one of the passengers was an infant, I opened the back hatch that happend to be next to a dry area and unloaded the troops onto the edge.

With just a bit of effort a few minutes later I had driven the vehical out without too much difficulty.

Then I realized that we hadn't gotten any photos. :-( Or is that ;-)?

Well.. we'll just get the camera and drive that puppy right back in there! And so I did. Of course forgetting that I had taken the mud tires off months ago and that I had just finished making some pretty terriffic ruts at the bottom of the pond in the sludge.

THIS was more interesting than the first time. I was in and not sure how to get out. But with some persistance and a bit of luck I managed to turn it around in the middle of the pond and drive it back out the way I came in. It simply wasn't going over the 'up and out' method.

Again... not thinking. After about two hours I had to make a run to town and like to never got it to move on dry ground. It was freezing outside and all four braking devices had frozen solid. I did eventually move, but not without some panic!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. They turned out to be more work than I had anticipated!;-)

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