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I have always had a 'like' affair with all of the cars and trucks that I have owned over the years. One day long ago I decided to keep the jeep forever and ever.. (Much like I had decided about every other car I had ever owned and eventually sold.;-) But in this case.. I still have it. One reason I suppose is that the XJ series (downsized Jeep Cherokee) was introduced in 1984 and actually started today's utility vehicle popularity.

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The day my 1984 XJ series Jeep Cherokee turned 100,000 miles. It was cool that day and we took a drive out to the Air Force base to finish off the odometer. Still going strong... The jeep that is. I hope this photo qualifies for the Send Picture of Jeep commercial on television. Thankfully the exposure of the picture is such that the rust spots don't show!


Here I have a rimless tire strapped to the front (I have a bad habit of strapping things to the jeep.) pushing a disabled vehical into the garage. Going on 150,000 miles here (Engine replaced at 115,000..) you can see that it is in need of a bit of paint.

Click here to see about the day I drove it into the pond!

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Thank you in advance


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