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On 8/1/2004, 11:15 AM Mailman157 visited
Cool site ! 8- )

On 10/11/2003, 9:54 AM Lynda Beckman visited

On 6/19/2003, 2:47 PM Tom and Donna Jaffke visited Please Visit Tom and Donna Jaffke at
Jeep Tracks
We have just started a new jeep site. My husband who can customize or fix anything that rolls will be doing his thing under the lens of my camera and we will have step by step photos of him working. As of now we have a page up for adding a second battery for tent camping electricity. Next week we will add a page for conecting it to the electrical system. Of course this will void your warrenty :o) There are also some great photos of Colorado mountain dirt roads and fantastic scenery.

Jeep Tracks

On 1/24/2003, 2:53 PM cindylou visited
your website is very interesting.

On 12/14/2002, 5:50 PM Dad Shanks visited
Was surfimg your site and it is great. Liked the one On Lew Jett. He was also one of my best friends as well as brother-in-law. You make me proud. Dad

On 4/6/2001, 10:27 PM Natasha Carr visited Please Visit Natasha Carr at
Very interesting site, I enjoyed my visit very much. Best wishes, Natasha

On 3/7/2001, 8:41 AM Larry Dubose visited Please Visit Larry Dubose at
Larry D's Jeep and Stuff!!!
Just came for the Jeep info.

On 2/25/2001, 2:52 PM Layla Thomas visited
I did not get the chance to read all but so far what I did read sounds better then anything I have read in a while. Maybe you should think of writting for a newspapaer as a parttime-reporter??

On 10/23/2000, 10:42 PM krypa visited

On 8/16/2000, 8:47 AM chris visited
sup my dog you know im just sitten hear doin it real big yo and i came across yo site its real fly my main man hey man ill see you later ill holla

On 8/4/2000, 7:21 AM Kathy visited Please Visit Kathy at
Kathy's Shopping Mall
Cool site! I'll have to show my husband the handyman stuff.

On 3/6/99, 8:25 PM tootie visited Please Visit tootie at
tootie's lair
I really enjoyed your website. It is very nuce and organized and very clean looking. I enjoyed reading about your life, it was very interesting. One small sugestion: maybe put links at the bottom of your page so you don't have to scroll all the way back up on the long pages

On 2/26/99, 8:08 AM Jeff visited
Cool web site Don- I was a Mormon missionary and lived in Granite City for a few months. I met aome neat people there- I really liked Edwardsville. I live in Draper, Utah now- I have owned two Jeeps and I love to go to vegas too. I'll check in periodically- Take care!

On 2/17/99, 11:16 AM Butch Hayes visited
Nice web page Don! I too enjoyed Las Vegas... I lived there for a year and worked at Hughes Aviation Services at McCarren International Airport.
Cya l8r,

On 1/29/99, 9:38 AM Jennie visited
Hi Don! I couldn't get mail to you any other way!!! Howdy!

- wifeyjen

On 1/27/99, 3:46 PM Steve Jones visited Please Visit Steve Jones at
Handy Man at Your Service
I am a professional individual that specialized in: Carpentry, Painting, Deck and Arbor Construction, and "all around the home repairs". The name of my company is: Handy-Man at Your Service. I work in the Dallas, Texas area. I would like to add my URL to your site!

On 12/13/98, 4:32 PM Shane Lynch visited
I really like your web-page.

On 31 Oct 1998, 09:54:54 David Markman visited Please Visit David Markman at
Jeeps Forever
Great Jeep Page!!!! Love It!! A real-world Jeep that never quits!!!

Jeeps Forever

On 28 Oct 1998, 13:24:56 DAVID MARTIN visited

On 30 Sep 1998, 05:24:42 Justice visited Please Visit Justice at
These Bizarre Times
Very nice page! Good work!

On 27 Sep 1998, 19:39:51 BILL EUTON visited

On 20 Sep 1998, 02:02:30 Desmond Grice visited Please Visit Desmond Grice at
Great site Don....caught you doing the stadium wave...thought you were going to fall off your seat at one up the good work with your web site and come and have tea and bikkies with Cindy and myself as soon as you get the chance.

On 4/24/98, 6:51:09 PM Dave visited Please Visit Dave at
Blue Dragonfly Studio
Very Interesting Site

On 4/16/98, 3:10:47 PM hubby williams visited
hi i like yor page i got some use full info because i am 15 and tommarow i am going to look at a 1984 jeep oh yeah i was wondering if you had any info on the engine ? thank you hubby williams

On 3/11/98, 6:28:25 AM Jennie visited Please Visit Jennie at
Jennie and Company
Hi Don! You sure have been busy making this a really cool place to explore. You've done so much since I last checked here. WHERE do you find the time?!! :-) Keep up the good work. The postcards and the personals are really special.

On 1/22/98, 8:03:44 PM Hope visited
Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments. I enjoyed learning about your Las Vegas and New York journeys, the photos are excellent, also. You have an outstanding place to visit, thank you for sharing. Hope

On 1/22/98, 12:19:54 PM Jennifer Jones visited Please Visit Jennifer Jones at
Thanks for visiting my site. I thought I would check out yours. I really love it. I have to say, I haven't been to Las Vegas yet I'm not old enough but I'm planning a trip in December for the NFR and I know I'm gonna love it. I love the photos too especially of the how many miles does that think have on it now??!! Come back and visit my site anytime!!


On 06 Jan 1998, 08:24:13 Mike Kelly visited
You seem to be a great father and a nice individual. I like your site and I think I like you as a person. Keep up the good work.

On 09 Dec 1997, 21:05:48 Charlotte visited Please Visit Charlotte at
Charlotte's Web
Hi Don! I've really enjoyed your site! I think your webring is a great idea, so I signed up to join it. Thanks!

Charlotte's Web

On 01 Dec 1997, 20:11:01 Keith & Vickie visited Please Visit Keith & Vickie at
The Clarks @ Home
Loved the pictures of the trip to Las Vegas and of the Jeep I'll stop by to look at your handyman tips when I get more time. Stop by our page and use the index at the bottom of the main page to check out our 4 wheel drive and off road page. One of our favorite places on earth is Las Vegas!

On 14 Nov 1997, 22:08:26 Dave Shanks visited
Found it. Pretty cool site.

On 1997-09-20, 10:34:00 Andrew Beattie visited Please Visit Andrew Beattie at
Children Are Worth Saving
I followed The Rail to your site so I thought I'd do the decent thing and let you know that I have been snooping around your home. I did enjoy my visit and found it an interesting read. Keep up the good work! I would like to invite you to visit our site at Children Are Worth Saving and hope you will let us know what you think.

On 1997-09-12, 04:21:00 Mitch visited Please Visit Mitch at
Havva Java home page
Wow!! great page.. super layout.. Now where do I start to browse your whole page??? :-)) Keep up the good work..

On 1997-09-04, 17:51:00 Earth Muffin visited
Nice work, Don! Your site is certainly "Of the Bunny"!!!

On 1997-08-30, 18:17:00 Code visited Please Visit Code at
Captured by Code
Just want to say Hi Tool Man Peace, Code

On 1997-07-30, 10:06:00 Lee Vance visited
Hi, Don! You just never know what you're going to find on the 'net. The Web may be the way for all of us to grow in ways that were never available before, except for the people who were able to somehow write, publish and distribute a book. Maybe, some day, I'll put a piece of my life out there for whoever may happen to stumble upon it. Regards; Lee

On 1997-07-23, 22:23:00 John R. Simic visited
Great site. Really enjoyed it.

On 1997-07-08, 22:15:00 CHATALAINE visited Please Visit CHATALAINE at
La Chatalaine
You have worked very hard. Nice job!!!! I like the variety!!! Come see me

La Chatalaine

On 1997-07-04, 16:27:00 Tim Rice visited Please Visit Tim Rice at
Tim Rice's Homepage
I enjoyed browsing your pages. You have some good pictures on your pages.

On 1997-06-29, 00:48:00 Dennis Shanks visited
Just browsing pages and found another Shanks. Good Well!

On 1997-04-19 20:57:00 Jaimie James visited
I really enjoyed the photo gallery! What a pleasant surprise. It was an added benefit to the corporate profile!


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