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Hi There! I'm Don.

I was born in Granite City, Illinois in October of 1956. I'm a pretty average individual at just under 6' tall, 160lbs., brown hair and eyes. I have lived in the St. Louis, Missouri area(that's just across the Mississippi from Granite City); Thorntown Indiana(Northwest of Indianapolis); Englewood, Ohio (Northwest of Dayton); and currently reside in Martinshöhe, Germany (Rhineland-Phaltz) just outside of the KMC (Kaiserslautern Military Commuity) on the local economy. The KMC is the home of around 60,000 Americans serving in Europe.
I have spent the better part of the last 20 years working in some capacity for Ponderosa Steakhouses in positions starting as a dishwasher in Granite City, to the Manager of the Corporate Headquarters located at the Dayton International Airport. Now I do something completely different!;-)

I was a Graduate of Granite City Senior High School, Undergraduate at Southern Illinois University (Edwardsville). There I only completed general studies work but quit due to full time work (: and lack of a major. :) Now after 20 some odd years I am back in school finishing a degree in Information Systems at the University of Maryland University College UMUC-Europe.

I now have five very special children in my life. My wife and I have a blended family and are currently on assignment in Germany. The kids just make it more fun.

Currently I am a Homemaker and full time student. My last full time job was with a small firm in Centerville, Ohio and maintain a small consulting firm when I'm not practicing a new skill learning features of the best way to interact Internet.

As I play, I will add things here and there in small chunks to build my own little autobiography that won't have to be published or read. It will be enough to have opened myself to the world for anyone who might be interested to see.


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