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Re: Water pipes & freezing

Posted By: Tony Snook
Monday, 31 January 2000, at 9:04 a.m.

In Response To: Water pipes & freezing (Pam)

The wind chill has nothing to do with things actually freezing except that your skin will get cold faster in the wind. Water freezes at 32 degrees farenheit. The wind chill takes into account that it feels colder when the wind is blowing. As for water pipes freezing, the idea of leaving water running when it's very cold assumes that moving water will not stay in one place long enough to freeze. If you have pipes buried underground and one area is closer to the surface the likelihood of that area freezing is less if there is a little movement of water through the lines. Most times in the South we will get temperatures that drop below freezing at night but will rise to above freezing during the day. Any exposed pipes are very likely to freeze at night if there is no insulation, no heat source, and no water movement in the line. As for your outside faucet, leaving a drip will not stop the outside faucet from freezing unless water is actually running through the faucet line itself. By far the best way to keep pipes from freezing is to insulate them and if it's apt get real cold in your area wrap them with heat tape before wrapping with insulation then if temperatures are expected to get well below freezing you can plug up the heat tape.

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