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Woodpecker problems

Posted By: Brian Burns
Saturday, 1 January 2000, at 6:38 a.m.

We have a major Woodpecker problem! All the homes here in SW FL are built with a decorative trim made from Styrofoam. This preformed decorative styrofoam trim is affixed to the exterior cement block wall of the house, just below the roof line (and sometimes in other areas). It is then covered with the same cementious "stucco type" finish as is the rest of the exterior of the house, and painted over with the exterior Trim colors. It then looks just like the rest of the exterior cement finish on the house. This type of finish is used on homes in all price ranges.

Now comes the problem! Woodpeckers have infested the SW area of FL (Naples/Ft Meyers). They are a protected species. They love to "drill" on that styrofoam trim, poking right through the cementious finish and all the way through the styrofoam until they hit the cement block wall behind the styrofoam. They make the nicest, roundest hole, about the size of a half dollar. Sometimes they move in, and sometimes the abandon the hole, moving on down a little way to start another. Do you have a solution as to what we can do to the styrofoam to discourage this destructive behavior? We have been advised to try, with no luck, the following ideas:

Build them birdhouses and install throughout the area Put pepper in the paint and repaint the trim Wooden Owls placed in the yard


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