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Air Conditioning - Cleanup needed

Posted By: Don
Wednesday, 5 August 1998, at 6:57 a.m.

Tis the season for sure to do an annual cleaning on your air-conditioning unit. Although it is better to do this in the spring, If it hasn't been done yet this year.. or for several years, you need to get it done NOW!

I'll put in a simple suggestion now.. and if you want more details let me know.

At a minimum, once a year, and oftener in areas where there is a lot of airborn cottonwood and other light but condensor clogging items, your condensing unit should be hosed off.

Most outdoor units (the condensing unit) have a power shut-off. Simply turn off the power, take a water hose, and clean any surface "junk" off of the exposed coils. Try not to get too much water on the fan motor inside.

Let it dry for a bit... and turn the power back on. If you do this much, once a year, you could add years of life to an air-conditioning unit as well as shave dollars off of your utility bill.

And of course lets not forget that the filter on the inside unit needs to be changed at least quarterly if not monthly depending on your conditions.

Need more detail? Just resond to this message with your specific question!;-)

A Handyman

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