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Re: toilet slow to flush

Posted By: Matt G
Saturday, 11 December 1999, at 12:27 p.m.

In Response To: toilet slow to flush (Brent Romine)

I was the house manager at my Fraternity so I was responsible for keeping everything working, including the toilets. I had this problem often and the folowing ussually worked but only on the "old style" toilets. If you have a new low flow style this may not work and you may not want to try messing with it.

You could try 2 things. First, try making the water level in the tank(the part on the back of the toilet) higher. You can do this by adjusting the valve. If you have the old type with the arm and the float you can simply bend the arm up just a little. This will raise the water level. If you have the new stlye without a control arm you need to carefully turn the entire valve assembly to raise the water level. Go to a harware store and look in the box of a new valve. It has the instructions. If you go to a good store they should be happy to make you a free copy. However,this may not work as some new valves are mounted so close the walls of the tank that they will not allow the whole assembly to turn. In this case you need to turn off the water. Disconect the valve (which will drain the tank water all over your floor so have a big bucket ready) and pull it out. Then turn the valve height adjustment as in the instructions and put it back in.

Second, you my need a new "flapper" that thing in the bottom of tank. It may be closing to soon. If you replace it with a new one this could help also. I have had this problem with many of our 7 toilets. It ussually requiers a new valve or valve adjustment or a new valve. If this did not work I would have a sewer company/plumber clean the lines. Hope this helps. If you want more info consult a home repair book at the library or go buy one. They are good to have around. Good luck.

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