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Re: New Drain/Water Pipes

Posted By: AHandyman
Tuesday, 20 October 1998, at 1:10 p.m.

In Response To: New Drain/Water Pipes (Bill)

The washer should be able to pump the water to a level above the exiting main pipe into a trapped inlet. You do need to trap any entry into a drain pipe. One of the things you need to be careful of here is that having an opening in the main drain at that point in the house is that if the main gets clogged for some reason... you house sewage will dump out the washer entry point.. even it it is trapped. (If I have your situation pictured correctly..)

Water valves are particularly suseptable to heat damage. When sweating valves in line you should remove the packing and washer if the valve will allow that or wrap the valve in a wet towel to prevent overheating. I'm not sure how far back you would have to go to fix what you have started. It is possible (if you can get the water out of the pipe) to unsweat the joints and redo them, but you have to be really careful not to overheat them. (It's an art that comes with lots of practice..)

You might consider going back to the place where it isn't leaking... cut the pipe off.. and use a compression PVC plastic fitting to convert to plasic and work out from there in plastic. It will save you HOURS if your not skilled at the art of sweating....

Have a GREAT week!!


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