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Re: toilet water depth

Posted By: AHandyman
Tuesday, 20 October 1998, at 1:01 p.m.

In Response To: toilet water depth (jean Pavlov)


Sounds like a slow drain to me. If the water level in the tank is coming up to 'near the top' of the overflow tube (usually a few inches below the top of the tank) and when you flush, the tank empties quickly, but the water level in the lower bowl raises as the tank empties and slowly empties as time passes... You have a drain that is restricted.

Most of the time that means you need to have a sewer company in and run the line with a snake to clear any obstructions in the pipes.

With a clear drain, as the flush lever is lifted and the water starts to flow into the bowl, the water is raised just slightly and that starts the water flowing into the drain over the top of the trap that is built in behind the bowl. When it is working properly... shortly after that happens you get a pretty good draining action going and most of the water is drained from the bowl BEFORE the tank is empty. The siphon action that was created by raising the water level above the trap is ended... and the bowl water level comes back up with the remaining water in the tank, and from a tube that comes off of the fill valve that should be putting some of the fill water into the overflow drain (which drains into the bowl to assist in bringing the water level back up to just at the edge of the trap. (hidden behind the bowl..[built in])

That sets up for the next flush so that as soon as water comes into the bowl from the tank... an "active" siphon is created that 'sucks' out the content of the bowl.

Too much?!?!? The long and short of it is that it sounds like the drain is partially clogged OR the drain was poorly designed and there is not enough 'fall' in the pipe or the pipes are improperly sized to take the water away quickly. A respectable sewer pipe cleaning company should be able to identify the problem...

Good Luck!


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