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Re: Removing textured paint

Posted By: Simply Handy
Tuesday, 26 October 1999, at 8:28 p.m.

In Response To: Removing textured paint (Linda)


Are you ready to sweat? If not , call a pro. If you are, then I can give you a procedure or two that works.I am going on the assumtion that this 6" is to be at the wall all the way around.

#1.flush with texture depth; use 1 x 2 boards inside the perimeter (6" from walls all the way around) the screw holes can be readily repaired afterwords

knock down spikes and obviuos high spots with putty or drywall knife

lightly sand to "etch" Kilz

then using drywall compound, premixed or powder, either is okay, and "mud" the entire area

let dry and sand smooth (when sanding this stuff be prepared for a lot of dust, if you have a shop vac buy a drywall sander that attaches to vac hose, wear a fine particle dust mask and safety glasses

before removing 1 x 2's you need to use a razor knife to seperate dried compound so that you end up with a straight edge

prime for finish

#2.flush to drywall establish your boundaries with a straight edge and razor knife. Take it easy here, you don't want to go too deep.

sand to as close to the edge as possible then use a SHARP putty knife and stright edge to finish

remember that you will have to prime coat this "raw" drywall before appling finish cover Hope this helps you out Larry @ Simply Handy

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