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Re: Appliances

Posted By: Don
Tuesday, 4 August 1998, at 11:25 a.m.

In Response To: Appliances (Heartless)

Thanks for your input Heartless. I'm certain that there are many others out there with problems just like this looking for an answer to this problem.

I almost wish it had better news, but there is almost never a simple solution to such a complex problem.

Here are a few options:

You can simply unplug the darn thing. That noise will stop right away! If the plug happens to be behind the oven and you don't want to move it out..

Simply have a partner go the the breaker or fuse panel and start disconnecting circuits until the one feeding the oven goes off. Yell real loud when that happens so the person at the panel knows which one it is.

There are a few problems with this method. First, if it is an electric range you will lose use of the appliance. If it is gas, and it uses electronic pilots you will have to light the burners with matches.

And of course not to skip the obvious.. the clock will no longer run. Also, if it is a gas range, no doubt you will lose the use of many other electrical devices that happen to be on the same electrical circuit.

Please remember to reset all the VCR, TV, Stereo clocks and of course all the other clocks in the house because as Murphy would have it, the breaker for the range will be the last one that your partner turns off.

(It might be wise to turn off the computers before you start.;-)

A second solution is just as you had feared. Your going to have to take every screw out of the range just to get to the clock. Pull it out, take it completely apart, clean all the internal workings, and hope you don't break anything or loose any screws.

(Use the above method for turning off the power before you start!)

IF you work with the precision of a jeweler AND get it all back together you stand a 30% chance the noise will stop. (Unless you combine this, with the unplug method above. That one always works.)

The most realistic fix of course is IF the clock assembly is still available through a local appliance parts house, and you feel warm and fuzzy about taking the panel apart and replacing the whole clock assembly, you will effect the desired result.

Again... IF the clock assembly is still available.

If it still keeps good time and you can stand it..... Let it buzz.

If you can't stand it anymore, you still have to get into the panel and cut and tape/cap the power leads to the clock.

OR... I do make house calls. I work for food, back rubs, or even money. I'm sure we could work something out.... Like any GOOD Handyman!

Please be sure to write and let us know your success story so we can publish your solution to the problem here... Thanks for stopping.. bye!

A Handyman

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