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Re: Rebuilding Barn

Posted By: AHandyman
Tuesday, 13 October 1998, at 5:50 a.m.

In Response To: Rebuilding Barn (Mark Meeks)


Now there is something that sounds like fun! Without knowing what kind of barn you are looking at it would be difficult to give any specific advice... but I will offer a few helpfull hints.

Take a bunch of pictures before you start demolition. Make scetches of everything that isn't "standard construction" that you or your helpers recognize and can recreate from memory or experience.

If you need a permit to reconstruct... have the governing authority come by and look at the existing structure to make sure you won't have massive changes to get the structure on the new site approved. At least then you know in advance any changes that will have to be made.

If you are dealing with huge poles and beams... don't take any chances with your lives!!! As it comes down (or as it is going back up), it is easy to get ahead of yourself and have things crashing down on you. Death is not a good option and of course should be avoided!;-)

Things settle over the years. More than likely it will only fit together one way... the way it came apart. Mark the parts and pieces. DON'T just try to remember where something went.

Expect to replace at least a portion of the materials and have sources for non-standard materials in advance. Sometimes old things don't come apart the way you expect and you will need to replace anything that doesn't come apart nicely.

If you have some large equipment to work with... cranes, backhoes, tractors... see if there is a way to take large pieces of the structure as one 'pre-assembled' component. A huge time saver.

That's about all I can think off off the top of my head. Good luck Mark and work SAFE!! The arm or leg that you save may be your own. Construction work is safe enough when you understand the overall structure and how it goes together or comes apart. It is not nearly as safe if you don't understand the structure, and what each component of the structure has to do with the load bearing properties.

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