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Re: Pass-through

Posted By: Don
Thursday, 6 May 1999, at 2:02 p.m.

In Response To: Pass-through (David Schuringa)

Finding the carpenters union hall shouldn't be too hard. It should be listed in the yellow pages. Expect to pay a premium for union work, but if that is important to you that would be your choice. My experience has been that pulling a carpenter from the union hall only slightly increases your chances of getting quality work. But that has been my personal experience and my not reflect the overall scheme of things in your area.

I couldn't honestly even start to give you a ballpark figure. There are a lot of variables, but the most important of them is to find out if the wall you want to put a HOLE in is a load bearing wall. Load bearing simply means that the roof or structure above depends on that wall to stay up!! If that is the case, the hole can still go in, but you might want to contact a structural engineer to design the hole... Don't do any cutting until you know at least that much.

If it's not load bearing, you might be better off with a handyman sort, or general contractor as opposed to a carpenter because you may also have to deal with electrical and plumbing considerations. And of course you might want to check with the local government to see if they want you to pull a permit. (Most people don't for this type of work, but if you are required to have one, and don't, and you get caught... it will cost a bit more in most cases.

My thoughts... Call in a couple-three 'general' contractors and get estimates. They in most cases can tell you if the wall is load bearing and give you that figure range you are looking for. Might also give you a better idea about how much if any of the work you might want to do yourself.

Good luck! I like that effect in a home.


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