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Re: Washing Machine won't Spin

Posted By: Don
Monday, 26 April 1999, at 6:54 a.m.

In Response To: Washing Machine won't Spin (Diane)


I hate it when I have repeated repairs on the same appliance. I understand your flustration. Most washers use the same pump motor to do everything... from spinning, to aggitating, to pumping the water out. This is accomplished with selinoids, cams, levers, and the timer to get the motor to do different things for all the different cycles.

Spinning is accomplished when a clutch is engaged connecting the pump motor shaft to the drum itself. About the only think you could do is to take off panels that would give you access to all the gizmos under there and see if you can see what each cycle brings. Maybe a lever or connector is loose or fallen off. Maybe an adjustment nut is loose. Could be many things.

BUT!! there are LOTS of moving parts under there. Not a place to stick a hand while it is running!! Unless you can pretty much "look" at something that is running, figure out what the designer had in mind when he/she built it.. it's unlikely that you will see what the problem is, or how to fix it.

If you adventerous you can probably get a do-it-yourself book at the library and work through the problem, but by the time you go through all of that, the repair bill could have been paid and you would be doing laundry again.

Good Luck!


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