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Re: Electricity

Posted By: Don
Tuesday, 20 April 1999, at 11:46 a.m.

In Response To: Electricity (ed holt)

1. What is the formula to figure power use? I think I need to know the Amperage. I have figures for the lamp heads I am using and the quantity of those heads. The heads are "clip on" lamps rated to 250V with 50W 120V Halogen spot. I will need to use between 14-20 heads total. This is all for a product show booth.

20 heads X 50 watts = 1000 watts / 120 volts = 8.3 amp draw

2. Is there a good way to put in a new outlet without doing major wall damage? There is no outlet for the fridge. I could also use advise on grounding. The plugs are all 3-point but not gounded.

If you have access above the wall, it isn't too bad. You simply cut in an outlet box where you need it, drill a hole in the top of the wall (from the attic space) fish wires down the wall to the hole, put in the box and outlet, get the other end of the wire to the breaker panel and do a proper connection on that end. Any do it yourself home electrical book will show you specific steps. With power always be aware there is danger of SHOCK.

Adding grounds where there are no grounds is also possible, but requires a ground wire be fished down to each outlet and attached at that end and then back to an earth ground outside or at the distribution panel. Very labor intensive for even a professional. An easier way is to use a ground wire to a cold water pipe (ASSUMMING you have copper water pipes back to earth ground..)for any outlet that requires a true grounded plug. If in doubt. CALL a professional electrical contractor for advice/estimates.


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