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Re: Repair or Replace

Posted By: Don
Monday, 29 March 1999, at 6:22 a.m.

In Response To: Repair or Replace (Ken)


I'm surprised that the inspector didn't mention the "ripples" in the roof. That would be a bigger concern to me than the number of nails.

The roof not only protects your living room for water damage but protects the roof underlayment, the roof trusses, the cieling joists.... If there are ripples in the roof (it rolls up and down instead of being FLAT) it is likely that there could be damage to the underlayment (or boards the shingles are nailed to) and maybe even damage to the roof structure itself.

Adding nails won't help the seal strip adhere to the shingle below it. If anything trying to add nails would hurt more than help. They MIGHT be able to use a sealing substance under each shingle flap to hold it down as it should assuming there is no real damage to the underlayment.

I guess it depends on the price of the house. If you are getting the house at or below fair market value, and you love it.. do what it takes to feel comforatable about the purchase. I would at least get the opinion of another home inspector and or a roofing professional before going any further.

If it's just loose shingles, you could budget to replace the roof in a few years after the initial repair. But if there is damage to the material underneath the shingles that would really become expensive in comparision.

Ask a PRO!!! (or two). More than likely won't cost you anything, and might save you enough to pay for a year of schooling down the road.

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