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Re: auto hydrolic lift jack repair

Posted By: AHandyMan
Thursday, 17 September 1998, at 4:50 a.m.

In Response To: auto hdrolic lift jack repair (frank farr)


It's a pretty simple device so there couldn't be too much wrong, but may still not be repairable.

The lift comes from pressure created within a piston. The pressure is created by a pumping hydrolic fluid from one piston into another. And releasing that pressure allows the jack to come down.

You need a couple of things for it to work. Fluid in the most likely solution. It may just need more fluid. Normally there is a port (or hole with a plug in it) that allows you to add fluid.

If it is low, it had to go somewhere because it is a sealed system. You may have a leak.

Second possibility is that the mechanical connection from the handle to the piston that pushes fluid into the lift chamber is not connected.

Other than that, there may be an internal leak which prevents the pump chamber from pressurizing the lift chamber. Your only option there is to take it apart... inspect it to see if you can find and fix the problem... and put it back together! (or have a handyman repair shop do that for you..)

Hope that helps!

Always use jack stands on anything that you lift in the air and crawl under!!


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