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Re: takeing out a wall

Posted By: AHandyman
Monday, 1 March 1999, at 6:07 a.m.

In Response To: takeing out a wall (b gillis)

The first concern with any wall removal should be "What is the wall holding up?" Or in the trades.. Is it a load bearing wall? If you know the answer to this you are well on your way.

If a wall is "Load bearing", that the wall is there to hold up the second floor, or the bathtub above it, or maybe something as simple as the roof trusses that sit on top of it. Still, you can remove load bearing walls, but something has to take the place to hold the load. That's engineering stuff, that should be looked at by a professional.

Out side that.. If it is NOT load bearing... you can just cut it away taking care for the obvious. Any utility in the wall, (the power you mentioned.. water, gas, drains, cable) will need special care and knowledge to deal with.

Although it maybe isn't the BEST look, I have left as much as the top 12 inches of an existing wall at the ceiling to save the cost of ceiling refinishing. It looks a bit odd in some cases, but if you are careful in your work, you can limit your finish work to the bottom of the wall that you just cut.

You will need to do something with the furnace return... Make sure it ends up with the same or larger surface to draw from or have a pro tell you if it can be capped and maybe make up the difference somewhere else in the house..

Good luck!


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