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Re: Black mold

Posted By: AHandyman
Tuesday, 23 February 1999, at 10:25 a.m.

In Response To: Black mold (William Miller)


A couple of things strike me.. first that it sounds like you have a LOT of air being pulled from the attic space, but you didn't say where the air was coming from. Hopefully you have LOTS of openings in eaves to get the air from the outside. I would never run a power vent in the winter and turbines are overkill in the winter too. I'd guess they are making your problem worse.

I also strikes me that you have condensation on the windows and maybe walls anytime it gets below 20 F. The colder it gets.. the less humidity you can have in the house. 35-45% inside at 40 F outside is fine. As the temp goes down, so also must the internal humidity. At 0 F any more than 10-15% humidity will give you trouble.

Get it down!! Don't worry about what's happening in the attic. Shut down the turbines and ventalators. (Make sure you have some natural flow through the attic space) If your showers don't have exhast fans to the OUTSIDE get them there. Don't dump the restroom exhaust into the attic.

Cover the aquiarium.

Make sure your dryer vent goes to the OUTSIDE.

Most homes have to ADD humidity in the wintertime. Find your humidity sources and vent them from the inside to the out.

Good luck!


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