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Re: Ceiling Fan Installation

Posted By: AHandyman
Thursday, 2 August 2001, at 12:00 a.m.

In Response To: Ceiling Fan Installation (Thomas Hilbert)

You should have gotten a small paper with instructions or there should be tags on the wires, but as a rule of thumb you could guess the following based on electrical standards. The white wire is nuetral and should always be hooked to white assuming the house is properly wired. The green wire is a ground wire and should be attached to 'earth ground'. This prevents electrical shock from the appliance should something go wrong with the wiring. Getting an earth ground in an old old home is a problem since they did not ususally provide for that. If the house wiring is in a metal box, you can connect the green wire to the box (but you may not actually be attaching it to earth ground... That would have to be tested with a meter. More than likely, the black wire is for the fan and the blue wire is for a light kit that may or may not have come with the fan. You can take the bottom plate off and look at the switch wiring. There are normally two switches. One for the fan will have black wires coming to it, and one for the light will have a blue wire just hanging out waiting to be attached to a light if you were to add one.

At the top of the fan you would attached white to white, green to box(ground) and both blue and black to the black house wire.

Clearly since you are standing on a ladder balancing something heavy while working with electricity... you need to make sure the power to the light fixture is turned OFF at the breaker or fuse panel. (the switch on the wall may not break the hot curcuit since the person who wired the house might just have installed the switch on the wrong wire! :-O

If you have any doubt about having earth ground and safety contact a pro, or at least a handyman that understands the special chalenges of working with wiring and fan support in older structures.

Good luck!

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