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Re: Remote for garage door openers

Posted By: David A.
Thursday, 11 February 1999, at 6:35 p.m.

In Response To: Remote for garage door openers (Greg O.)

I've had several years experience with these things. The transmitter and receiver are a tuned set of radio controls. Many times, as the electronic components age, they shift in value and go out of tune and the range is reduced. There is usually a small hard paper tube (about 1.5 inches long, .25 inches dia.) in the transmitter that has a ferrite core that is threaded and has a hex shaped hole in it. By VERY slightly turning this coil in or out, the transmitting frequency will be changed and you my be lucky enought to retune it. The pros use a plastic tool for this instead of the obvious allen wrench because the allen wrench is metal and will effect the frequency. Then the only way to check your retuning efforts is by slowing walking away from the receiver as you make minor changes in the coil core. I have successfully done this many times, and yes it is a pain.

Finally, you have nothing to lose by trying the above. However, keep in mind that the same component shift may have occurred in the receiver unit and that it may not be the tuning, but some other failing component. A new transmitter retails for around $35-$40 and a new set including both a receiver and transmitter will approach $100. Pricy considering the cheapy brand new complete garage door operator at a building supplier store are $150! Good luck.

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