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Re: gas furnace install

Posted By: Frank
Wednesday, 18 July 2001, at 7:41 a.m.

In Response To: Re: gas furnace install (Matt)

Hi Bob,

It is possible, given that there is room for working and installing a furnace in an attic but it is not ideal. First of all, you say furnace, many people say furnace and mean boiler. Furnaces heat hot air and then it is distruibuted through a system of duct work. I assume that is what you are talking about. A boiler heats hot water (or makes steam) and circulates it through a system of radiators or in some case plastic pipes in the case of in floor radiant heat.

Going with the hot air conversion. I say it is not ideal because hot air rises. It is already starting out on the ceiling. The phyical laws of hot air are already at odds with the manner in which it is installed. This will be less of a factor, the warmer the temperature. In fact, in Southern parts of the country (USA) it is common for the hot air ducts to be distributed via ducts in the ceiling because that is also where the air conditioned air is distruibuted. The warmer the region, the less of an impact the ceiling ducts will have on economy and efficiency. In fact, the one house I am familiar with in Florida is set up this way. Of course the air conditioning unit is used far more then the heat.

If this is a relatively small, open concept house, may I suggest a direct vent heater. They can be fired with propane, natural gas (if available in your area) or kerosene. They are really quite efficient and quite cost effective. It must have a direct vent through the side wall or out a chimney! Good luck!

Frank WWW.HomeInspectionHelper.Com

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