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Re: plumbing/drain pipe

Posted By: Frank
Tuesday, 17 July 2001, at 11:18 a.m.

In Response To: plumbing/drain pipe (ray)

Hi Ray,

I really hate to tell you what I think you already suspect. Poor venting! Yea, it sounds classic. In rodding out the line you cleaned the gunk that accumulated and allowed for more air in the pipe, but as the fixtures were used, and every thing from bits of foor particles to, well you know what else... starts to build up. Without the benefit of being there to personally inspect, I will speculate that the main vent stack is not near the toilet that is flushing slow and siphoning out.? The correct course of action is to have a licensed plumber check it out and make necessary corrections. Is it possible that when the remodeled bathroom was under construction that the tradesmen (or weekend warrior) compromised the vent line? I suspect that your vent is more then 5 feet from the fixture and there in lies the problem.

There is one other possible solution, but not very likely (especially from a manufacturere like Mansfield), a defective toilet. I know they are fairly simple designs, but it happened to me once (of course I never bought another toilet from Sears again!).

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