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Re: water systems

Posted By: Frank
Tuesday, 10 July 2001, at 6:26 p.m.

In Response To: water systems (Terri)

Hi Terri

There are a few truths and certainties in life; Death and taxes and the uncertainty of your private water source.

For starters, I am not certain what the term bored well means. Ask your states water quality control department for an exact discribtion. A dug well is simply a hole in the earth that is hand or machine dug which taps into the water table below. Water tables vary greatly but there are millions of very acceptable dug wells. Dug wells utilize ground water and are typically 10 - to 35 feet deep. There can be exceptions. They are more susceptable to ground water contamintation then drilled wells (and maybe bored wells). For instance; If you are at the bottom of a hill and the field above has a barn with many cows, chances are greater that you may be contaminated by the runoff from the cows above you. If you had a drilled well, chances are you would not. There are exceptions to this generalization. If you do not have commercial or agricultural contaminating sources close to you, a dug well can be a cost effective alternative to an expensive drilled well. Keep in mind, there are no guarenttes with a drilled well. You can have poor water quality or non-potable water from a drilled well.

If you are starting from scratch, and the water source still has to be determinedd, I would suggest having an excavation contractor ( who has experience with digging wells) dig you a well to see if it produces. The hundered dollars or so that you spend may yeild great results, but as I stated above, NO GURANTEES!

If you ask a well "driller" your can predict what that advise will be...drill a well for good quality! I respectfully disagree. Any other specific questions, write back to this board or contact me directly.


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