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interior painting

Posted By: bob turner
Monday, 2 July 2001, at 10:19 p.m.

when i initially bought my house, i painted the whole interior with latex, over a primer in most parts(but not all). i later found out that i was painting over enamel paint(an oil base). now, i am going to paint again, because of plaster damage from water leaks(fixed now),as well as plain old peeling in some other places. probably 2/3's of the latex has adhered well(seemingly), the rest is bad. the thing is, i can't find anything which addresses proper preparation(as opposed to actual topcoat painting)for my walls and ceilings--plaster,with glossy enamel,then glossy latex. i have some areas scraped down to the plaster, the rest has the one glossy coat of both types of paint. do i need to get all surfaces scraped down to the plaster, even though they seem to be adhering well? if so, how do i do it--with a chemical wash, etc? or can i just scrape off what wants to come off and leave the rest there to be primed and painted over. as far as primers, which--water based, oil based, or shellac based(zinsser b-i-n primer sealer-interior). the shellac base claims to offer the best adhesion over any surface(even a glossy surface which has not been deglossed)what would you do, in terms of prep?

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