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Posted By: Matt
Tuesday, 19 June 2001, at 8:47 p.m.

In Response To: WET BASEMENT (Laura)

First the free stuff. Make sure the gutters are clear and flowing well. (If you don't have gutters some may help). Also make sure the grade around the building sheds water away especially near windows and doors. If you are on the east coast the total volume of water may have just been to much and caused the water. It may never happen again. Also check with your neighbors to see if they have had problems.

Cheap stuff: Gutter extensions or black drain tile helps to move water away from the house.

Not as cheap: French Drains (basically a trench around the house with gravel and pipe) if done correctly can work well also. If you can not do this yourself you will pay $$$ in labor. This is actually a good combo to work with sump pumps.

Sump Pumps. The pump must be set up correctly. You can not just buy a pump and throw it in the basement. Proper installation is key. You need to dig a pit approx. 3 feet deeper than the floor. Dig a trench around the perimeter of the basement. Lay drain tile and connect it to the pit. This allows all the water to flow to the pit where it can be pumped out rather than flood your basement. If you have concrete floors in the basement it will have to be cut out at the perimeter (so the pipe can be laid) and replaced. Not a cheap job.

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