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Re: House Cracking Sounds

Posted By: Phil
Friday, 18 May 2001, at 8:02 a.m.

In Response To: House Cracking Sounds (Larry Franko)

The loud noise that you are hearing are the expansion and contraction of the aluminium duct surface. They usually occurs in the duct close to and around the furnace. The force of the air hitting the surface of the duct causes it to expand (expansion.) When the blower/fan stops, the temporary vacuum created sucks the duct surface back in (contraction.) First, you need to locate the source of the expansion and contraction. You do that by going around and placing your hand on the duct surface whenever you hear the expansion. Your furnace should have a cutoff power switch next to it. Switch off the furnace while you hand is still holding down the air duct surface. If you don't hear a sound (the contraction,) you have located the source of the noise. There could be several spots like that. To fix this, you can have metal cross-braces installed on the duct, but it will cost you money. If you are handy with a hammer, build wooden braces of various length and sizes and "jam" them here and there between the duct surface and the adjacent wall to prevent the expansion. No expansiion means no contraction and no cracking noise. Hope this helps.

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