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Hot and cold shower flactuation

Posted By: Gerry Roesler
Sunday, 8 April 2001, at 7:32 p.m.

For starters I hope you own an RV ,as if you do, you will know right away what I am asking. I have an RV { Motorhome] and us rvers always need to conserve the things we need when out in the wilderness where no hookups are available. This includes water and battery power.So, when taking a shower we get ourselves wet and shut off the water while soaping up. Once that is done we turn it on again to rinse.{ Woman do this several times, men not that often]Here is the problem; Everytime you turn the water back on the temperatur changes to either hot or cold. Now you have to fool around and waste precious water while readjusting the temperature. Here is the question; An RV watersupply is powered by a 12 volt pump That produces about 25 psi. We normally have a 6 gal. hot water tank propane fired.Is there a way that the plumbing can be modified so that the temparature stays the some even when turned off and on several times[Most showers have a shutoff right at the shower head , mine has asingle handle faucet.]There is no chance that the temperature setting is changed . I have seen a post somewhere that suggest to run an other pipe or a return pipe back to the hotwater tank,that supposedly will cure the problem. Another question is if I would change to a residential pressure regulated faucet would it eliminate the problem or do they only work with higher pressure then we can provide, I would appreciate your advice on this subject. As previously said if you have a motorhome or travel trailer you no doubt know what I am talking about. Awaiting your answer. Thanks in advance, Gerry

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