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Re: Door won't stay open

Posted By: AHandyMan
Wednesday, 26 August 1998, at 5:58 p.m.

In Response To: Door won't stay open (David Sung)

Hmmm... Of course the most expensive fix is simply to jack up the side of the house that is low, so that the door is downhill and stays open by gravity!:-) (assuming of course that the other doors in the house don't swing the other way...)

I suppose that is why for so many years people have been using door stops. If you are interested in decor, you can buy some really fancy ones at places like Pier 1 or other places that cater to nick nack type goods.

You can simply use a rock out of the garden or they sell those ugly brown rubber things that you jamb under the door to hold it in place.

While I am pretty sure that they may make a hold open hinge/door attachment that is spring loaded that would nicely open and hold open the door when it isn't latched... I suspect they don't sell them at today's basic hardward store. Simply no demand.

If you are really set on that idea, I would look at commercial door hardware sites/stores and or those sites/stores catering to handicapped devices. With the ADA laws in place, some pretty creative solutions to building hardware have been manufactured.

My thoughts..

Good luck!:-)

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