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Re: smelly water

Posted By: Tony Snook
Wednesday, 14 February 2001, at 6:20 p.m.

In Response To: smelly water (dave)

I used well water for about 25 years and had this problem. Now I'm on city water thank goodness. Many folks who are on well water think their water is clean and pure. WRONG! Most well water is loaded with contanimants and the only reason it doesn't make more people sick is their body is used to it. When we used our well we had to buy bottled water when company came because it would make them sick. If you are on city water I would imagine you are on or near the end of the line so that the water you're getting has turned stagnant. Your utility company needs to flush theri lines occasionally. Assuming though that you're using well water, draining the water heater tank may help for a little while but the only permanent solution is to install a filtration system. The reason you're getting the smell from only the hot water faucet is that heating the water precipitates the contaminants and they settle on the bottom of the tank. After a while they will start to redissolve and you get the odors coming through the lines. The smell is compounded in the hot lines because when you run hot water it evaporates faster than cold so you're getting more of the odor.

You probably need to drain and flush the tank periodically whether you have an odor problem or not. Then look into a filtration system to keep the odor from returning. You might start by installing a cartridge type filter in the line where water comes into the house. They can be purchased at almost any hardware store or your well supply dealer. The cost isn't much and it's worth trying before investing in a system that could cost a bunch.

Hope this helps.

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