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finishing ceiling with/without venting

Posted By: Anthony Egeln
Tuesday, 23 January 2001, at 5:54 p.m.

I contracted an addition to my garage to serve as a woodshop, adding an additional 12 feet of space. The contractor built a sloping roof to code beginning about about halfway on the existing garage roof structure, sloping downward to the new exterior wall. Iím finishing the interior myself, and plan to heat and cool the shop with a through-the-wall heatpump. I have completed insulating and sheathing the interior walls but Iím totally stumped on how to complete the ceiling. It must be insulated and Iím just not sure if, or how-to, it should be ventilated. The exterior wall has soffits on the overhang, but there is no ďupsideĒ ventilation. Maybe Iím overthinking the situation and ought to just slap some insulation between the joists and sheath a ceiling. It just seems that something is missing here and I could have a condensation problem that could cause big problems later. I thought of stapling some styrofoam baffles up first, before installing the insulation. That would allow for airspace between the roof and insulation, yet would there be air flow? There is another factor in this problem. Since the end of the old garage roof is in the shop, the old garage soffits are also in the shop, ventilating the garage attic space through ridge vents. So there is air circulating from the shop to the un-heated garage overhead. Do you have any ideas on how I should finish this ceiling? Is this much different from finishing the ceiling in a room with a cathedral ceiling? Thanks, Anthony at the Delaware Cape.

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