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Custom wood furniture repair

Posted By: Joe Williams
Sunday, 19 November 2000, at 5:45 p.m.


I have a custom-made piece of furniture that was damaged recently. It is a two-piece, free-standing cabinet/bar. The top, which is a huge craggy-shaped slab of wood about 7 feet long and 3 inches thick, is very heavy and is not attached. It simply sits on the other piece. The bottom part is a rectangular shaped cabinet with two sets of doors on the front. The two pieces together probably weigh 300-400 pounds (a wild guess). Anyway I wanted to move the piece a few inches and stupidly tried to push it. I hardly budged it by shoving from the bottom third but I heard a crack and a groan. Result - the doors no longer close correctly, there is a thin crack about 6 inches long on the front near the corner where it connects to one of the sides, when looking from the side I can see a gap of about 1/4 of an inch where the nails are still in place but the front and side walls are not flush, the bottom shelf inside is not flush with the bottom of the frame, the top no longer sits flat... in short, the whole frame is out of whack. My question is "who would be the best person to repair this damaage?" My yellow pages lists cabinet makers and woodworkers. The classified section of the newspaper's service directory also includes carpenters and handymen. I'm not sure what type of wood it is (pine possibly) but it's roughly 7 feet long and very heavy. I couldn't bring it in to a shop so I'm assuming that whomever I call will do the repair in my home. Also, while I'm asking (a little late, I know) what would be the best way to move this piece in the future? Would some type of sliders underneath help?

Thank you,


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