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Re: Removing breakers/Adding??

Posted By: Don
Wednesday, 30 December 1998, at 9:34 a.m.

In Response To: Removing breakers/Adding?? (Mike T)


An e-mail or message board is an unlikely place to give an electrical panel suggestion. The main reason being that when you get to the point of pulling out and adding breakers to a breaker panel, you are exposing yourself to the danger of electrical shock with the potential to kill you!!:-|

With that said... A homeowner can to these types of chores. To answer your question specifically, most residential breakers are 'pressed in' and 'popped out'. There is no completely safe way to work inside a breaker panel short of having the power company TURN OFF the power at the meter or the pole.

When you remove the cover to a panel you are exposing bus bars and terminals that are electrically HOT (have the potential to shock you to death) even though the main breaker to the house is shut off.

Sooooo.. My advice (which is the same for all those asking about work inside of an electrical panel) is to find a friend or nieghbor that has experience with electrical panels and wiring. Buy them a beer when the work is done. Second option is to hire an electrition to do the work. What you described should be able to be done for under $150, and you come away knowing you have a safe environment to live in.

This is not to say that a homeowner can't do these sorts of jobs. I am saying if you don't have the needed knowledge of electrical wiring, you shouldn't be exposing yourself to the potential danger. An accidental electrocution is like any other accident... it is preventable!

Have a safe and happy new year!


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