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Re: mildew

Posted By: Tony Snook
Tuesday, 10 October 2000, at 10:22 a.m.

In Response To: mildew (Terri Clouette Walla)

Whenever I hear someone ask about a mildew problem, I'm reminded of the time I was setting out to use a product specifically made for that purpose. That being to mevoe mildew. When I read the label directions I had a small revelation. It said "use only in well ventilated area." Duh I said to myself.... If it was well ventilated, I wouldn't have mildew. Therein lies the secret. A well ventilated area will not have a mildew problem. It's moisture and poor ventilation which is causing your problem. I'm thinking the floor furnace probably pulled air in from below the floor to feed the floor furnace thereby providing enough ventilation and possibly a little heat under the house and when the floor furnace was removed you lost enough ventilation to allow moisture to build up under the floor. The problem could possibly be solved by providing some cross ventilation under the floor and/or covering the ground under the house with plastic to trap the moisture before it gets into the house. A heating contractor or your local utility company should have some good advice on how to handle the problem in your area. Good luck

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