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Posted By: Carolyn Hecht
Wednesday, 4 October 2000, at 2:19 p.m.

Help !! I've 85 people coming to a wedding here in the house in three months and I want this basement bathroom finished by then. Help!! Ninety year old basement bathroom has four walls and ceiling of poured cement. When I bought the house twenty years ago, I painted the walls with high-gloss latex paint. The basement is NOT damp; no moisture problems, and the paint held up pretty well. But now I want to cover it all with wallpaper and want to know the best way to insure that the paper will stick tight to these rather bumpy lumpy walls. (The walls are of poured cement, not concrete, so there are no pebbles. The bumps and lumps are simply due to the cement having being poured in without then smoothing it all out for a final smooth finish.) I intend using two layers of paper: a thick wallpaper liner paper, and then the pretty wallpaper over that. 1-Can I apply the paper directly over the walls as they are now? or 2-Will the paper stick better if I paint the walls first with an oil-based primer? 3-Should I first try to make the walls somewhat smoother by coating the entire room with a thin layer of plaster before I apply the oil-based primer? 4-Will plaster stick to the old latex paint? 5-Will wallpaper stick if the walls are not absolutely smooth? 6- How smooth do I have to get it for the wallpaper to stick well? Sheet rock would make it all absolutely smooth, but I hesitate installing sheet rock over the walls because it will mean moving the toilet and sink out from the walls first and I really don't want to risk messing around with such old plumbing. Also, sheet rock installation costs are way more expensive than shmearing plaster and primer. (I'll hang the wallpaper myself.) Any answers to any or all of my 6 questions would be appreciated. Please email me at Thank you all in advance for any help and advice you can give me. !!

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