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Re: removing stripped head screws

Posted By: matt
Thursday, 10 August 2000, at 7:30 p.m.

In Response To: removing stripped head screws (Karen)

First, if there are some grooves left try a very small flat screwdriver. Try one that is larger than you would use on eyeglasses but smaller than a standard flat head screwdriver. There are several glue like products you can buy that are made to increase the friction and hopefully get the screw out. Check you local store. Another option I have used is to either cut a straight line across the screw using a hacksaw or rotary cutting tool (dremmel). However, it sounds like you may possibly hit the cabinet. IF you are good with a drill try this. Get a good drill bit that is as thick as the end of a screwdriver. Use a good bit for this and it will minimize slipping. Try a cobalt (not the Lowe's brand, the metal type). They are frequently yellowish in color. This may set you back about $5 for the one bit but its worth it. Next carefully drill two or three grooves in the screw. Do not go through the screw you just want to cut a new slot for a flat screwdriver. You may have to angle the bit more horizontal to cut the groove so take your time. Once you have it done use a small flat hand held screwdriver and slowly try and turn it out. You may have to put a lot of force on the screw but this frequently works for me.

Good Luck.

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